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A Busy Month for Education at the JBFC!

By Adrienne Frank, Education Outreach Coordinator 06.07.19

May was a busy month for education programs at the JBFC! From off-site events to film premieres to educator engagement, this month was the perfect window into the varied work our education programs do all year long.

May 11: White Plains Youth Bureau STEAM Fair

The JBFC hosted a pop-up green screen experience at the White Plains Youth Bureau STEAM Fair, where approximately 100 visitors learned how green screens work and got a window into how they can be used for special effects in film!

May 17-18: Burns Film Challenge

Armed with cameras, audio equipment, and a list of prompts, high school filmmakers raced against the clock to write, shoot, and edit a short film in only 24 hours. Winners of the challenge took home prizes, but all films screened had the honor of completing a film in only one day.

May 18: Pleasantville Day

Visitors at Pleasantville Day stopped by our table for a taste of animation, where they had the opportunity to make their own thaumatropes and see how persistence of vision works up close and personal. They also visited Kermit the Frog, who's stopping by to visit in anticipation of the The Muppets Take Manhattan, our June JBFC Kids film!

May 22: Image, Sound, and Story Teacher Community Gathering

We welcomed a group of teachers to the Media Arts Lab where they listened to presentations from three different educators who have integrated the Image, Sound, and Story curriculum into their classrooms.

May 28: World Premiere of Student Films and Projects

Students from our after school courses were joined by their friends and families at this celebration of their hard work from the past semester. We screened all the students’ films at the Theater followed by a reception and exhibit of the behind the scenes tools artifacts they used to create their projects.