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Backwards Activity

By Emily Ohara, Education Program Manager & JBFC Kids Curator 08.17.20

Activity: Backwards Magic

App: Reverse Vid 


Some of the best special effects are done just by reversing movie footage without any CGI or green screening. Using this trick of showing footage in reverse creates some of the most jaw-dropping moments you will ever see. How would you like to defy gravity? Make an object fly into your hands, or have your hair instantly dry after being totally wet?

Dive into a favorite film experiment enjoyed by JBFC Kids students. Make the impossible possible by using the practical effect of reversing footage. Try the following actions and then create your own and share back!



  1. Plan out a movement where the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. *Check out the “Backwards Movement Ideas” below for some ideas.
  2. Grab a prop(s).
  3. Open up your app, film your movement, and then reverse it.
  4. Export & share it on Twitter or Instagram and tag us so we can see everyone’s backwards magic! #JBFCkids Instagram: jbfc_pville Twitter: jbfc_ny 

Backwards Movement Ideas:

  • Shake off a hat from your head and make sure to film the hat landing on the ground. *The hat will fly from the ground onto the head.
  • With parents observing, jump from a low stool to the ground *You will look like you are floating up onto the chair.
  • Film a few seconds of yourself with dry hair looking into the camera then have someone, or yourself, pour water over your head. *It will look like the water is pouring back into the container and you become instantly dry.
  • Write something on a piece of paper *The pencil will “eat” up the words or drawing.
  • Now come up with your own!

Backwards Magic in Action!

Watch this lovely story about a lonely man trying to connect with someone in a backwards world in the short film, Love in a Backwards World.