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Calling All Minecrafters

By Darrel Swann, Full-Time Faculty 11.12.14

You awaken in a field. The sun shines down as a bountiful cubist world loads around you filling in the empty space. There is nothing to do, no guidance, just lush land and open sea. This is how it begins – Minecraft.

Created by the independent video game company, Mojang in 2009, Minecraft is a sandbox game, meaning that it’s an open world where a player is given the freedom to choose what to do rather than asked to follow a set path or script. Using 1 x 1 boxes of materials like oak, iron, glass, TNT, pork, bamboo- the list is endless- players build anything they can imagine, from the Death Star to a working computer. The serenity of Minecraft’s opening, and the simplicity of its structure hide a vast and complex world of resources and architecture with endless possibilities for construction and adventure.

On November 22nd, 5 & 6 grade students at the Lab will explore this world in some new ways at the first ever JBFC Minecraft Unconference. An “unconference” is a gathering of people interested in learning from and teaching each other about a subject or topic. Rather than hosting seminars and panels led by industry experts, an unconference allows all participants to share their knowledge and expertise. At the JBFC Minecraft Unconference players will gather to make short films in Minecraft, build epic structures, battle for PVP (player versus player) supremacy, but most of all share their knowledge and passion. Players will have the ability to give demos of particular skills or share their own Minecraft tips, tricks, and secrets. Maybe you know an especially great PVP server or you’re awesome at warding off spiders and creepers? Sign up for a demo slot and start a 5-10 minute discussion about your topic with other interested players. You might learn something you didn’t know or help somebody else have more fun in Minecraft.

Registration for the Minecraft Unconference is still open, so sign up today. We recommend that players have their own Minecraft account to get the most out of a day spent fully engaged in the world of Minecraft. There is time and space for exploration, so bring what you love about Minecraft to the table! Can’t wait to see you there.

Darrel Swann (Swanndacraft)
JBFC Faculty (& Minecraft aficionado.)