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Weekend Film Challenge: Camera Moves and Mysterious Rooms

These rules are for every film challenge:

1. Film Challenges come out on a Friday. To enter the prize pool you MUST send Darrel ( a working link to your film by the following Monday at 5 pm.

2. Films must be under 2 minutes.

3. Films must be “family | more »

Suggested Viewing: Staff Top Picks

Lost in all of the options available to stream right now? Don't worry! Our staff is curating suggestions on a weekly basis for everyone at home. Click here to learn more about this week's suggested viewing.

100 Humans

2020. 8 Episodes, approx. 40 m. each

Recommended Age 14+

This show | more »

Free Image, Sound, and Story Projects

Join our community of educators committing to raising a generation of students who are college and career ready, with strong critical analysis, creative collaboration, and multimedia communication skills.

Image, Sound, and Story is a groundbreaking curriculum that integrates | more »

High School Student Critic Review - The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner, directed by Nora Twomey, tells the interesting story of Parvana and her life in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Living in poverty, Parvana and her injured father frequent the market to sell what little they have. Despite their living conditions, the family is | more »

Behind the Scenes: Storyville Game Design

Once a year, Storyville students get the chance to create their very own board game. The 1st and 2nd graders in this class do practically all the work involved (the only thing I do is to bring all their artwork together in the finished product) from agreeing on a concept, | more »