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Celebrating Life-Long Learning

By Karolina Manko, Communications Manager 12.23.15

Naturally, the idea of Media Arts Education often brings to mind the image of children in front of screens, their small hands working magic on a plethora of cameras, microphones, iPads, and computers. While it's true that a healthy population of our student body are, in fact, under 4 feet tall; they are not our only filmmakers-in-the-making. In fact, the JBFC boasts a thriving community of adult and life-long learners in many of our courses. We salute their curiosity and celebrate their accomplishments equally!

In the final moments of our Fall 2015 semester, we gathered together yesterday morning for a special screening of the projects created in our Documentary Filmmaking course for adults. The short docs spanned a wide variety of subjects: from the famous NYC Union-Protest Rat and the Warwick Toy Festival, to an intimate portrait of our local Village Bookstore as well as a first-hand account of the Civil Rights Movement, and several other powerful stories. Each film was a prime example that filmmaking is a democratic art form with the power to bridge generations, cultures, and individuals. 

As our world morphs into one of screens and digital communication methods, it's increasingly important to find ways to carry on our most human tradition of storytelling. This act of community is how we come to know ourselves and how we understand the context of our lives. As one adult student, Elizabeth Hiden remarked yesterday: "just like there is an infinite amount of people that can come from one strand of DNA, there is an infinite amount of stories that came come from one bundle of film-footage." Filmmaking is an act of great courage; and our mission of 21 century education includes all eager trailblazers. Regardless of age or technical skill, we all share the responsibility of telling stories, of highlighting the important details, of sharing our awe with one another. 

This Spring 2016 semester, we're expanding our Adult course offerings. Brand new film studies and production courses have been listed. Join our growing community & register today!