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Celebrating Minds in Motion

By Elian Tampus, 4th Grade Minds in Motion Student 02.29.16

The following is a heart-warming "thank you" note from one of this year's Minds in Motion students. Minds in Motion is a 12-week animation program that happens in classrooms throughout Westchester County. 100% of the participating schools, do so free of charge. Elian Tampus is in Mr. Horan's class at the Claremont School in Ossining. He worked on the film, The Eating Pony.

Hi everybody! My name is Elian Tampus from Mr. Horan's class and I would like to share with you my thoughts.

Fellow students! I know that we all want to thank all the good people here at the Jacob Burns Film Center and our awesome volunteers. But, I'll bet half of you did this project just for the popcorn! I was thrilled about it too. But that's not all of it- we also learned many things (more than eating buttery popcorn), we learned about movie-making.

You might have thought that this experience was fun, but it was also about learning how to be a friend. The way every person was included in the process was just ridiculous! And boy, did we work hard! I'll bet that was the hardest anyone here has ever worked! We also learned how to be a team, how to share, and how to include everyone. 

We know that this was fun. No, not just fun, special. We couldn't have done it without our lead animator, Greg and the volunteers: CJ, David, and Ms. Hernandez. Jacob Burns paid for everything: the supplies, iPads, popcorn, and even the bus ride to our red-carpet premiere. It has all been so amazing and I think our movies will be too. Thank you!