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Cinemania Student Critic Review - Persepolis

By Shea Stevenson, Cinemania Student Critic 06.14.17

Persepolis is a movie adapted from a graphic novel-autobiography of the same name. This review is coming from the perspective of someone who is unfamiliar with the source material, so I cannot speak about how it compares to its literary counterpart. However, I can say for certain that this is a pretty great movie. Its animation is simple, especially so because most of the film is in black and white, but this simplicity allows for a nice fluidity that persists through the entire movie. It really is beautiful, and this beauty also continues into the way the story is told. The movie follows the entire life of a woman (Marjane Satrapi) from early childhood to young adulthood and is paced very well considering the abundance of information to convey about Marjane's entire life. It really feels like a story that really happened being relayed to us by someone who was there, maybe because that’s exactly what it is.

If I were to pinpoint one issue I had with the film, it would be that I feel it stays in her early childhood perhaps a little too long, But aside from that the movie has a very nice flow to it. Although I also don’t believe I have any real ability to judge the voice acting as I don’t speak French, as far as it sounded to my English ears the voice acting was pretty great all around, with the weakest link probably being the early childhood actress of Marjane, but that is not to say that they did a bad job or that it took me out of the film. Overall this movie is an easy recommendation for pretty much anyone that can either understand French or can read the subtitles.

Shea Stevenson is a Student Critic from Session C of our Cinemania program. He attended our screening of Persepolis on Monday, May 29 as part of the JBFC's participation in the Seventh Art Stand, a nationwide collaboration between art house theaters to show films from, by, or about the countries affected by the Muslim ban. Stay tuned for future film reviews from Shea!