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Cloning Activity

By Emily Ohara, Education Program Manager & JBFC Kids Curator 06.30.20

Activity: Cloning

App: Ghost Lens 


Ever wanted to know what it would be like clone yourself multiple times and do fun things together? Here’s your chance to experiment with one of JBFC Kids' popular activities, "Multiple Me," where we use the technique known as "split screen."


  • iPhone or iPad
  • Ghost Lens app 
  • A tripod or a place where the camera can be propped up and not moved AT ALL.
  • Tape or something to mark the floor
  • A person or very cooperative pet


  1. Plan out your split screen by taking a piece of paper and splitting it into two. Assign what one clone will do on one side of the frame and what the other clone will do on the other side.
  2. Practice and time it out to see how long it will take. You will need to do both sides, film it at different times, it will look like it’s happening at the same time.
  3. Place the camera on a tripod or propped up where it won’t be moved!
  4. Divide the frame into two or three by placing markers on the floor (tape is a good idea). We recommend starting with one marker in the middle of the frame to divide the image in two. *Note: Marker is there so the subject knows where not to cross. If you cross, you will disappear so be careful!
  5. Open up the Ghost Lens app.
  6. Choose the template where it divides the image in two vertical sections.
  7. Film yourself twice.

Idea Starter:

  1. Start sitting on one side of the frame reading or doing an activity. 
  2. Look up at one point frustrated and go back to doing your activity. 
  3. Now film the second half by coming in from the other side of the frame being noisy and trying to get the attention of your clone. You can either walk out or stay in the frame giving up.
  4. Now you try!

Helpful tip!

Go behind the scenes on how the filmmakers of The Parent Trap (1964) used the split screen technique to clone the actor, Hayley Mills, as identical twins.

(Skip to the time code 2:30 )

Take it Further:

Now watch either the original or the remake of The Parent Trap (1964) available streaming on Disney+ . Can you spot when they use the same cloning techniques you just made?