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Filmmaking and Beyond: Summer @ the Lab

By Adrienne Frank, Education Outreach Coordinator 07.25.18

Think “film camp” and images of cameras, microphones, and editing software probably pop into your head. All of these are very present at Summer @ the Lab, but this is just the jumping off point for many of the camps. Week three of Lab Camp was a prime example of this as campers used the foundation of filmmaking to explore a range of topics, such as animation, green screen technology, special effects, and more!

Animation – Grades 3–4: Campers spent the whole week in the animation studio learning about stop-motion animation. While still utilizing traditional storytelling elements such as character development, scripts, and storyboards, this camp gave young filmmakers the in-depth opportunity to explore a specific form of visual storytelling.

It’s Easy Being Green – Grades 5–6: Both creative and technical, this camp provided the chance for students to explore green screen technology in order to create imaginative worlds. They also learned aspects of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects to complete a variety of individual and collective projects.

Movie Magic – Grades 7–8: Relying heavily on special effects, campers collaboratively developed original short films. They gained insight into the world of both practical and editing effects, including creating motion simulation by turning leaf blowers into wind machines and experimenting with character cloning through Adobe Premiere Pro. Using filmmaking tools and the skills they had been taught, students learned how to utilize these effects within the context of their stories.

All campers have different creative styles, interests, and imaginations. By focusing each camp on a different theme campers are able to choose the week that speaks most to them, while building on a strong filmmaking foundation in every camp!

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