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FREE Film Screening for High School Students!

By Paige Grand Pré, Education Communications Associate 01.19.17

Join us on Friday, February 2 at 7:00 pm for a FREE screening of Paprika (2006).

Open to all high school students. No registration necessary.

Click HERE to download the permission slip for R-rated films.

Friday Night Films @ The Lab is a film series dedicated to local high school students presented by the Jacob Burns Film Center. The program is hosted by a Media Arts Lab Faculty Member, who introduces the film and facilitates a discussion after the screening. This month’s special screening, Satoshi Kon’s Paprika, has been rated R for violent and sexual images.

Friday Night Films @ The Lab’s educational emphasis is on the investigation of works by innovative filmmakers. Marketed with the tagline “This is your brain on anime,” Paprika is a Japanese science fiction film based on the 1993 novel of the same name by Yasutaka Tsutsui. Comparable to other long-form animation works such as Miyazaki’s Spirited Away (2001), the film challenges our sense of reality and pushes the limits of animation. Sadly, it is also the fourth and final film directed by Satoshi Kon, who passed away in 2010, giving the film an eerie and reverential status.

A true sci-fi film, Paprika takes place in the near future, when a new psychotherapy treatment, dream therapy, allows individuals to peer into their dreams using a device known as the “DC Mini.” However, the head of the team, Dr. Atsuko Chiba, begins to use the DC Mini for unsanctioned therapy sessions using her digital alter-ego “Paprika,” which opens up the DC Mini to leaks and hacking. As thieves and criminals begin to use the DC Mini for nefarious purposes, three scientists working on the dream therapy project rush to secure the device they’ve created. Assisted by the sentient digital personality Paprika, they scramble to identify the thief before they lose control of the DC Mini, their dreams, and society at large. Join us for this fantastical and original work of animation that will challenge your notions of reality, defy the limits of science, and highlight the dangers of dreams.

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