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FREE Film Screening for High School Students!

By Paige Grand Pré, Education Communications Associate 11.18.16

Join us on Friday, December 2 at 7pm for a FREE screening of Moon (2009).

Open to all high school students. No registration necessary.

Click HERE to download the permission slip for R-rated films.

Friday Night Films @ The Lab is a film series dedicated to local high school students presented by the Jacob Burns Film Center. The program is hosted by a Media Arts Lab Faculty Member who introduces the film and facilitates a discussion afterwards. This month’s special screening, Duncan Jones’ Moon, has been rated R for language.

Friday Night Films @ The Lab’s educational emphasis is on the investigation of works by innovative filmmakers. Moon, a sci-fi drama flick, was co-written and directed by Duncan Jones, the son of David Bowie. Drawing on artistic influences such as his own father’s The Man Who Fell From Earth (1976), as well as 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) and Alien (1979), the film considers the relationship between man and machine, as well as ulterior motives for space exploration. It also touches on the stresses and pressures of space travel including, but not limited to, the solitary nature of living on another planet without human contact.

In Moon, Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) nears the end of his time mining helium-3, a plentiful and clean source of energy used back on Earth, on the dark side of the moon. As he prepares to return home to Earth, his wife, and young daughter after three years away, he begins to question his presence on the moon, the role of GERTY, his robot companion (voiced by Kevin Spacey), and his very existence. Well-received by critics, the film was nominated for Outstanding British Film at the BAFTAs, and is a unique and fresh take on the lost-in-space sci-fi narrative.

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