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Free Image, Sound, and Story Projects

By Sarah O'Hare, Interim Director of Education 04.02.20

Join our community of educators committing to raising a generation of students who are college and career ready, with strong critical analysis, creative collaboration, and multimedia communication skills.

Image, Sound, and Story is a groundbreaking curriculum that integrates critically viewing short films and creating media projects into classroom culture and literacy instruction. The units are guided by the JBFC’s Learning Framework goals: to build the skills of observation, comprehension, and analysis for viewing media while developing imagination, intention, and production skills in creating media. Image, Sound, and Story projects help learners strengthen their ability to communicate and collaborate in both old and new ways. 

Interested in what Image, Sound, and Story is all about?  We've published three of our lessons for free on our website.  All you need to do to access the content is to create a login on our website to access the project.  Click on a link below to create a login and access the FREE Image, Sound, and Story lessons!

Elementary School Project, Middle School Project, High School Project

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