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Green Screen Activity

By Emily Ohara, Education Program Manager & JBFC Kids Curator 04.16.20

In film there are spectacularly mind bending scenes that in real life are impossible. These special effects require something called a green screen, which special effects artists can then replace the green with anything they want; like an alien planet, a huge robot running after a character, or even riding a witch’s broom.

One of JBFC Kids most popular activities, experiment putting your drawn characters or even yourself in any setting by using the magic of green screening!


  1. Green Screen Wizard App 
  2. Still picture of any background Ex.) Still from a film, landscape, or last shot of the short film Room on the Broom
  3. Drawn character or yourself to pose in the photo
  4. Chroma key green backdrop as big as full person or as small as an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper

Green Backdrop Options:

  • Paper - Tape green pieces of paper together to create any size background.
  • Paint - Buy green paint and paint a big piece of cardboard, big roll of paper, dropcloth, or wall. 
  • Cloth - Use clips to clip cloth to a pole (broomstick), shower rod, shelf, etc. 
  • Tent - Pop-up changing tent that you can use to capture someone the waist up. 

Did you know?

Why do you think special effects artists use the color GREEN? It's the color least common in human skin tone. What would happen if you were wearing a green shirt or pants? Or in the case of drawn characters, if you drew the character green? You would disappear! 

Green Screen Wizard App steps:

  1. Load background
  2. Check off “Landscape” output
  3. Place character (if you drew) on a green background or pose in front of a green background
  4. Take the picture
  5. Scale
  6. Position yourself within the frame by holding the image of yourself down and drag
  7. Remove (if there’s green still left on the background)
  8. Color (blue/red) [Optional]
  9. Clip the sides
  10. Share → Save picture [will be saved on camera roll]
  11. Share → send in an email 

JBFC Kids Green Screen Examples!

Take a look at these works done by kids at our various JBFC Kids events.