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Have You Explored Our View Now Do Now Library?

By Paige Grand Pré, Education Communications Associate 03.16.17

The JBFC is committed to promoting literacy for the 21st century. One way we advance these goals is by increasing exposure to our ten media literacy concepts, explored in-depth in our Image, Sound, and Story curriculum. Although we do encourage educators to participate in our Image, Sound, and Story professional development program to gain full insight into the program, we offer a number of resources on our website which are completely free of charge and available to the public. One of these resources is our rich library of View Now Do Now (VNDN) activities.

Equipping students with the vocabulary to critically read visual texts is essential to their literacy abilities. A View Now Do Now is a mini-project designed to spark creativity and quickly get you into the act of viewing and doing by diving into one of our ten Image, Sound, and Story media literacy concepts. Here are a few VNDNs to get you started!

Each VNDN uses a different image, film clip, and prompt to get your creative juices flowing. Simply view the VNDN’s film clip or image, read the prompt, then click the “RESPOND NOW” button to submit your response!

You can also check out previous responses from individuals of all ages and backgrounds for each VNDN on our site. With over 170 VNDNs to explore on our website, there’s no end to what your imagination can accomplish. To learn more about how our View Now Do Now prompts are used in the classroom, both as part of integrated JBFC curricula and as a warm-up activity for students, check out our webinar for the National Writing Project from December 2016, available for streaming HERE.