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High School Animation Summer @ the Lab

By Adrienne Frank, Education Outreach Coordinator 09.28.18

Campers in 9th and 10th grade Animation Lab Camp had the fantastic opportunity to work with Emily Ann Hoffman, a Sundance Ignite Fellow and Creative Culture alum. Emily Ann taught this one-week camp focusing on a variety of traditional animation techniques, resulting in multiple short animated films and also a wealth of knowledge about the history and technique of animation.

Day 1: The camp began with the beginning of animation, exploring the history of zoetropes, thaumotropes, and flipbooks, which gave the animators a fascinating view into how far we’ve come and what we can still learn from these early forms. They tried their hand at making thaumotropes, then moved into a Dragonframe lesson, learning about this professional grade stop motion software.

Day 2: In order to simulate motion, campers needed to examine motion more closely. That included breaking down one of the most basic of daily activities – walking, and examining what movement actually looks like. This led into puppet construction and creating movement with the puppets.

Day 3: Moving from walking to talking, the animators learned how to make their paper puppets talk by utilizing Dragonframe. They also practiced lip-syncing and began to fully develop their stories for the week. The campers wrote their scripts and storyboarded their animations.

Day 4: Campers built the sets and props for the stories they had developed, reviewed and revised their stories and began to animate!

Day 5: The final day of camp was spent animating their short films and editing them with Adobe Premiere Pro. Finally, the campers showcased them in the end of camp screening.

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