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Image, Sound & Story in Practice on the Red Lake Reservation

By Paige Grand Pré, Education Communications Associate 10.14.16

As part of our involvement in Turnaround Arts, an initiative of the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities, the JBFC's Education Department was honored to participate in Turnaround Art's Leadership Camp in the Summer of 2015.  While there, our team members proudly presented aspects of our Image, Sound, and Story Professional Development program to fellow educators, with a focus on digital photography in the classroom.

One of the attendees at that session was Mark Benson, principal of Red Lake Middle School on the Red Lake Reservation in Minnesota.  In this short video, he discusses how he utilized our focus on connecting students and teachers through media to introduce his new teachers to life on the Red Lake Reservation.  Prior to the start of school, new teachers were required to go around and photograph instances of beauty on the reservation.  When school opened for the year, Principal Benson displayed all the photos in a "visual quilt," which helped make connections between new teachers and their students' Chippewa culture.  Ultimately, the project helped foster a sense of understanding and mutual appreciation between the students and their teachers.

We love seeing educators apply our Image, Sound, and Story curriculum to their classrooms, particularly when it helps bridge cultural divides.  Enjoy this video and be sure to check our our Image, Sound, and Story Professional Development curriculum to learn more about our ten media literacy concepts and their applications in the classroom!