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Introducing Lucy Adams: Summer 2016 Emerging Artist Fellow

By Lucy Adams, Summer 2016 Emerging Artist 07.13.16

My interest in documentary films began in high school, when my Broadcast Journalism teacher lent me Microcosmos (1996), an epic depiction of bugs in their natural habitats. I was captivated by the beauty of it all: the magnified detail of a world that the naked eye can barely perceive. What was most stunning to me was that without voice overs or text, using only close ups of various bugs (and other small invertebrates) set to a majestic soundtrack, I was transported to a new world. Story after story of snails falling in love, ants overcoming extreme obstacles to feed a family, baby beetles fending for themselves after separating from their mothers, fully captured my imagination. The craft of visual storytelling (and truth-telling) fascinated me from that moment on.

I continued to pursue my interest in film at Kenyon College, where I studied both Film and English. I spent a semester at FAMU, a film school in Prague, where I enhanced my technical skills in a great city full of magic and mystery. For my senior thesis, I made a short documentary, Contact, about three women in rural Ohio (a dog groomer, tattoo artist, and embalmer) who play roller derby together.

After graduating this past May, I took a road trip with my 86 year old grandfather to the Grand Canyon and documented the whole journey. When he told me that the Grand Canyon was on his bucket list, I thought the trip would be a great opportunity to explore our relationship not only as granddaughter–grandfather but as documentarian and subject. While exploring a new landscape together, I learned about his childhood in Brooklyn, his father's career as a cigar maker after immigrating from Spain to Cuba to New York, his passion for gardening, and endless other tidbits of wisdom. His attitude and energy have been a great inspiration to me, and I hope to communicate his perspective on life to others through the film. I will be spending my fellowship editing the footage that I have collected into a short documentary. I'm looking forward to sharing my work with the community when it is complete.

Feel free to check out more of my work, including my short documentary Contact, on my website.


The Valentine and Clark Emerging Artist Fellowship is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Westchester Community Foundation, a nonprofit community endowment for the benefit of Westchester County.

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