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Introducing Reweina Tessema: Fall 2015 Emerging Artist Fellow

By Reweina Tessema, Fall 2015 Emerging Artist Fellow 10.01.15

My appreciation for film has been obvious from a young age. However, my direct involvement in filmmaking was developed much later. If you told me in 2009, when I graduated high school, that I’d be pursuing a career in filmmaking after college I’d most likely say, “Awesome! So you’re saying that by 2015 psychology will no longer be offered as a field of study, we’ve met the capacity for teachers, and my parents have gone missing? Because otherwise, I don’t understand.” Studying psychology, my first love, for two years was an enlightening experience.It expanded my fascination with human behavior. Plus, over analyzing my family, friends, and self was a stimulating time consumer. However, the potential destinations psychology led to did not appeal to me.

 After serious soul-searching, research, and several goofy personal projects I found myself at Purchase College. More specifically, I found myself on the number twelve bus on my way to Purchase College (which also services Manhanttanville and Pepsico). I was attempting to chisel away at a vague understanding of my own creativity and love for film so I could discover what aspect of it utilizes my skills and knowledge. I’m eternally grateful to the faculty and advisors that sat down with me and taught me theory, practice, and everything in between. I’m also grateful to the Purchase Television Station for providing me with the opportunity to get my hands on equipment, make mistakes, and put work out for an audience. These wonderful experiences brought me to my passion: editing! Editing is a unique and powerful art that can determine the mood, pacing, and overall feel of any piece. It also requires an internal type of rhythm that I get great satisfaction from tapping into.

This past summer I worked as a Teaching Assistant at the JBFC and was immediately drawn to this amazing establishment. I’m very excited to spend the next few months as an Emerging Artist Fellow, working with such creative, qualified, and supportive people! During my time here I will be in pre-production on a short, stylized coming-of-age narrative. I’ll be around (pretty much all the time) so please come watch vines with me in the editing suite. We can edit vines too. I look forward to getting to know you.

To check out my work or to contact me, check out my website.


The Valentine and Clark Emerging Artist Fellowship is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Westchester Community Foundation, a nonprofit community endowment for the benefit of Westchester County.