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Lights, Camera, Action: Behind the Scenes of Summer @ the Lab

By Adrienne Frank, Education Outreach Coordinator 07.19.18

One of the highlights of the second week of Summer @ the Lab was the one-week camp Lights, Camera, Action.

This camp was led by Aaron Mace, JBFC Senior Faculty Member and Manager of Program and Curriculum Development. Aaron guided the 3rd and 4th graders through every corner of the Media Arts Lab. They experienced an array of media and creative processes, which resulted in multiple projects and a wealth of new knowledge for every camper.

Day 1: Campers explored Adobe Photoshop by creating new animals and even adding animal features to themselves. They also utilized iPads to make short films while exploring shot types.

Day 2: The recording studio was the next stop, as the group wrote new parody lyrics to an old folksong and recorded it, using the professional grade soundboard and soundproof recording studio.

Day 3: Learning filmmaking processes was the goal of this day. Campers brought a larger project to life, filming with professional video cameras and editing on Adobe Premiere Pro.

Day 4: Moving out of traditional storytelling and into the world of special effects, the campers explored live-action stop-motion animation and light painting. They also had the chance to watch an entire feature film and discuss concepts they had been learning over the week.

Day 5: On the final day of camp the group finished editing their projects and presented them to friends and family at the end of week screening. The young filmmakers displayed work in their classroom so that all visitors could go behind-the-scenes of the media-making process!

Stay tuned to hear about upcoming weeks of Summer @ the Lab and check out our recap of Summer @ the Lab week one here.