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Make Your Own Silent Movies

By Emily Ohara, Education Program Manager & JBFC Kids Curator 05.01.20

Make your very own short silent movie just like Charlie Chaplin! A popular JBFC Kids film exercise with students, you can get all the silent movie elements, film scratches, dialogue filled title cards, and old-timey music, by using the Silent Film Studio App.

  1. Story Prompt: One or more characters do something that causes another person to chase after them.
  2. Storyboard your story idea using 12 shots or less.  You can use or draw a storyboard like this one
  3. Include at least THREE title cards.
  4. Use the Silent Film Studio app on your iPhone or iPad. Click HERE for a detailed walk through of the app. 
  5. Export & share it on Twitter or Instagram and tag us so we can see everyone’s silent films! #JBFCkids Instagram: jbfc_pville Twitter: jbfc_ny

Directions from Silent Film Studio App

  1. Select videos from your library, or record a video and add it to your project.
  2. Choose from 10 different theme soundtracks or select music from your own song library.
  3. Add and edit title cards.
  4. Drag and drop video clips and title cards to arrange the scenes of your movie.
  5. Integrated video editor to trim the length of any clip.
  6. The Red Curtain™ function simulates the feel of a real cinema environment.
  7. Watch in landscape or portrait mode.

Need more help? Check out the Silent Film Studio manual with step by step screen shots.