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Scavenger Hunt - Early Learners

By Theresa Dawson, Education Program Manager 03.26.20

Find yourself at home with an antsy preschooler? A scavenger hunt can be a great activity to keep your little one entertained!

  1. Write numbers 1 to 20 on stickers or pieces of masking tape
  2. Stick the pieces of tape around your house/apartment. You can even do this while your child is napping.
  3. On a blank sheet of paper, create a grid with numbers 1 to 20.
  4. When ready, have your child search for the numbered pieces of tape.
  5. As they find each sticker/piece of tape, have them peel off sticky labels and place them on written numbers on the grid.

You can even award a prize for when they find all 20. This activity encourages your child to move around and explore your home. As a bonus, this also helps build number recognition skills!