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Sneak Preview: View Now Do Now

By Karolina Manko, Education Assistant 01.20.15

As you may already know, View Now Do Nows are mini-projects designed to spark creativity and engage audiences in fun and unexpected ways. Since their debut our View Now Do Nows have generated some exciting responses from all kinds of people. Check out VNDN no. 14, to see some great examples of character costumes. Or read through the short stories that were inspired by VNDN no. 12. Many of these project prompts pull from popular JBFC film series: VNDN no. 33 incorporates Gringo Trails, a part of the 2014 Focus on Nature series. This week's highlighted VNDN features Maidentrip, a film from our current 2015 We Got Game series. (Maidentrip will be screening at the JBFC on Jan 31. Buy tickets today!)

Our library of View Now Do Nows is constantly expanding. Take a look at this special sneak preview of a brand new VNDN! It was inspired by the Oscar winning film, Life of Pi. As always, keep your eyes peeled for updates and new opportunities to view and do!