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"So You've Grown Attached"

By Karolina Manko, Communications Manager 09.29.15

JBFC faculty are always on the lookout for excellent short films to incorporate into lesson plans. One of the most recent additions to our list of favorites is So You've Grown Attached, a 15 minute long fantasy about an imaginary friend who is forced to consider retirement when his creator/best friend starts to grow up. The short was created by Kate Tsang and has won several awards including Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film at Comic Con 2015 and Best Narrative Short 2014 at the San Francisco International Film Festival, among several others. 

Recently our Experiments in Media 5-6 and Projects in Media 7-8 students got together for a special group screening of So You've Grown Attached. Suffice it to say, everyone loved the film!