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Learn. Unlearn. Relearn.

By Karolina Manko, Education Assistant 07.24.14

As part of Summer Teachers Institute we invited a select group of teachers to test-drive the new JBFC curriculum: Image, Sound, and Story. The curriculum is available through the new education website and emphasizes process, project-based learning, collaboration, and reflection. Eight intrepid 7th and 8th grade educators are part of this pilot venture, which is being taught by JBFC Director of Curriculum, Brady Shoemaker.

The curriculum consists of ten projects: Image, Sound, Story, Character, Setting, Structure, Mood, Point of View, Theme, and Style. Within each project, students complete View Now Do Nows, Viewing, Creating, and Reflecting. Our pilot group is working this week in split screen: experiencing the materials and completing the projects themselves while also reflecting on their integration into the ELA classroom.

Today’s hands-on experience was creating a five frame-story as part of” structure.” Hitting the town with a camera and a storyboard, group members took turns directing and photographing a sequence of still images. The end result was a story about a young man who loses his phone and has it returned to him by a young woman. In just five pictures the story tracks time, establishes a conflict, offers a resolution, and even includes a possible cliffhanger!

Back around the table, the teachers described visual literacy education as being a process of “learning, unlearning, and relearning” commenting on how visual storytelling is “not about the tool, it’s about the concept.” Now there’s a thought that could apply to every session this week! Summer Teachers Institute wraps up tomorrow and come September, our Image, Sound, and Story pioneers will be teaching us how all these great ideas actually work in the classroom.