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By Theresa Dawson, Education Program Manager 04.09.20

The JBFC provides incredible resources to help families and teachers explore film and media and engage their creativity in hands-on activities. In these times of cooperation, we also wish to recognize some of the wonderful peer organizations and individuals who are producing great FREE educational resources that you can use at home.

1. For early years hands-on art activities, we’d like to offer a shout out to Instagram phenomenon, Jean Van’t Hul, the writer and artist behind The Artful Parent website, and the book and instagram site. Check out The Artful Parent for easy and fun kid-friendly arts and crafts projects.

2. New Hampshire teacher and librarian, Tammi Truax, has set up a great resource page of simple hands-on activities for kids grades K-5. Use Tammi’s smorgasbord of ideas to learn how to make slime, paper, stop-motion videos, marble runs, and more.

3. For middle and high school students --and the whole family-- UK Film Club organization, Into Film, is making its resources free for anyone to use. Here’s just one example: make a film discussion dice. This can be used by the whole family to deepen your discussion of a film you are watching at home. It’s also an activity that can be assigned by a teacher. It’s great for socially-distant group work. Teachers can first assign students to a film report group, then take the 6 question cards (on character, setting, structure, color, camera, and sound) and assign 1 topic to a particular student in the group. When all the work comes together, each group has a very detailed film report.

4. Smithsonian Learning Labs has a ton of resources that parents, students, and teachers can use at home— here’s just one example: a learning resource on Black Super Heroes with a tie-in to the film Black Panther.

5. For High School and College-age students why not take a free course? Kadenze is a platform that brings together the world's leading colleges, universities, and industry partners to provide the best online courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Design, Music, and Math. PLUS the JBFC will be launching courses on the Kadenze platform in the fall, so this gives you an opportunity to take a tour! Here’s one example of a course you can take in Media Technology offered by Stanford University.  Discover your career options in the industry while exploring how leading audio, music, and video technology companies bring products from idea to market. In five 30- to 60-minute sessions, you’ll gain insight into daily life at companies such as Adobe, Universal Audio, iZotope, and more!