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Viewing: The Kid

By Emily Ohara, Education Program Manager & JBFC Kids Curator 05.01.20

The Kid 

53 min. 1921. USA. English. Not Rated.

Recommended Age: 6+

Read Common Sense Media to learn more about whether The Kid is right for your child. 

Streaming: Kanopy (Free), Amazon Prime (Free), The Criterion Channel 

Synopsis: The Tramp, played by Charlie Chaplin, finds an abandoned baby and adopts him as his own. Learning the ways of parenting, the Tramp raises the young boy and discovers that even with very little means, one can find the humor and joy in the small things.

Why JBFC Kids Curator, Emily Ohara, @TeachEmFilm, recommends it: The Kid brings laughter, charm, and yes, even some tears, the first feature length film of renowned director and actor, Charlie Chaplin. Silent film may be a lost art form in today’s modern times, but once you see Chaplin’s films the timelessness and clever use of story telling of show-not-tell won’t make you miss the lack of sound or color. The chemistry between Charlie Chaplin’s iconic character, the Tramp, and the little boy who plays the Tramp’s adopted son, is entertaining and heartfelt. Totally insync, this raggamuffin duo will make the silent film genre a must in your family viewing rotation.

Fun Fact: 

Jackie Coogan, the actor who played the kid, is also known for his role as Uncle Fester in the 1964 television show, The Addam’s Family.


Make your own short silent film just like Charlie Chaplin!

  1. Story Prompt: One or more characters do something that causes another person to chase after them.
  2. Storyboard your story idea using 12 shots or less
  3. Include at least THREE title cards
  4. Use the Silent Film Studio app on your iPhone or iPad. Click HERE for a detailed walk through of the app. 
  5. Export & share it on Twitter or Instagram and tag us so we can see everyone’s silent films! #JBFCkids Instagram: jbfc_pville Twitter: jbfc_ny

Take it Further:

Watch this fun short silent film made by 5th and 6th graders at the JBFC! 

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