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Summer Professional Development Registration is NOW OPEN!

By Education Department 04.05.16

Image, Sound, and Story

Summer 2016 Professional Development

Image, Sound, and Story is a professional development program preparing teachers in grades 5-10 to integrate viewing and creating media into their classroom culture and literacy instruction. The curriculum will eventually expand to reach Pre-K - 12. The curriculum supports ten literacy concepts:

Students will:

Communicate with the language of visual storytelling and VIEW and CREATE media projects 
Apply creative, critical, and analytical thinking as they READ, WRITE, SPEAK, LISTEN, and PRESENT 
Contribute to a classroom culture that is connected by EMPATHY, COLLABORATION, and REFLECTION

"The Image, Sound, and Story curriculum has brought depth and texture to my classes, giving students a more refined lens through which to experience all types of visual media, and giving them more techniques for their own storytelling." – Johanna Mustacchi, Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School, Croton-Harmon School District

Image, Sound, and Story is delivered through classroom teachers that have participated in professional development, available for grades 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 for summer 2016 and school year 2016-2017. Each grade level has distinct and unique content. The two-day/15 hour workshop prepares teachers to lead instruction for the first three projects of the curriculum: “Image,” “Sound,” and “Story.”

The hands-on, interactive experience provides:

Modeling instruction for facilitating discussion in viewing media
Best practices for managing small group production activities
Resources and tutorials
Structured support for planning and integrating Image, Sound, and Story into existing units of study and texts
Project rubrics and pre and post writing prompts to assess student learning
• Support with technical tools for capturing and editing audio and video

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