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Summer @ the Lab

By Adrienne Frank, Education Outreach Coordinator 07.11.18

Summer @ the Lab is off to a great start! This year we have introduced a new format: weeklong camps, each one offering a different theme. Week one kicked off the summer with campers exploring a range of media and creating many exciting projects. Campers arrived with full imaginations and left with the knowledge of how to bring a story out of their minds and into the world.

Campers entering grades 5 and 6 spent the week animating. They explored stop motion, claymation, and live action animation to create multiple short projects.

The 7th and 8th grade camp produced episodes for a science fiction web series, learning how to take a project from preproduction to postproduction. They also designed an installation piece and had the opportunity to experiment with projectors and 35 mm film.

Our high school campers were really ambitious with producing their web series! They developed four episodes of a mockumentary style sitcom. Not only was this a great production experience, it was also an opportunity for them to explore web-based platforms.

More camps run throughout July and the beginning of August. Check out our variety of offerings and see what might inspire the young filmmaker in your life!

Stay tuned to hear about the camper’s adventures next week!