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Summer @ the Lab: Week Two!

By Darrel Swann, Assistant Camp Director 07.10.15

The campers have hit their groove this week. After the long holiday weekend everyone came back to a ton of fun projects. The third and fourth graders spent most of the week animating on iPads and learning Dragonframe (animation software) with one of our faculty members, Greg Nemec. By animating their bodies, drawings, and even objects, they made magic happen.

The fifth and sixth graders finished video production then spent time with Aaron discussing game design and what makes a game “fun”. Since then, they’ve been building amazing video games in Microsoft’s game design software Kodu, trying to find that perfect balance between challenge and reward for their audience.

The seventh and eighth graders have traveled around Pleasantville to shoot their short films on location. Each group has come up with a story involving a black a white world where color is introduced and we can’t wait to see the finished products. 

The ninth and tenth grade campers have been finishing up their epic short films. After filming in the soundstage, they are fine-tuning a myriad of special effects in After Effects and Premiere to make a brand new world come to life before your eyes.