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Fun and Rigorous

What a week! Today marks the final day of our Summer Teachers Institute, and it's been a fantastic time from start-to-finish. To tell the whole story of our professional development experience, it's worth beginning at the end. This afternoon we wrapped the Summer Teachers | more »

Student Film Review: The 400 Blows

Michael Tu is a current student in our Spring 2015 Cinemania course for 7 & 8 grade students. Here is a review he wrote for The 400 Blows, which screened as part of the course this semester:

The French film, "The 400 Blows" should have REALLY kept its 'rough' translated name | more »

Oh, Grow Up!

Growing up is a universally difficult process; but one of the best remedies for combating the awkward period of adolescence is peeking inside someone else’s experience. What better way to do that than through film? That’s exactly what our Cinemania program for seventh and eighth | more »