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The Power of Story Student Spotlight: Elizabeth ter Poorten

Elizabeth ter Poorten is a seeker, a storyteller and a writer.

She began to write four years ago when she signed up for Power of Story, a JBFC Media Arts Lab course created by Anne Marie Santoro. In this warm and supportive environment, her writing came to life. Elizabeth likes to | more »

The Power of Story Student Spotlight: Estelle Rosen Kersh

Estelle Rosen Kersh is a familiar face here at the JBFC. She began, and continues, as an administrative volunteer in our Executive Offices at the Media Arts Lab, and for several semesters she has been volunteering with our education programs Minds in Motion and See Hear Feel Film | more »

Celebrating Life-Long Learning

Naturally, the idea of Media Arts Education often brings to mind the image of children in front of screens, their small hands working magic on a plethora of cameras, microphones, iPads, and computers. While it's true that a healthy population of our student body are, in fact, | more »