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Introducing Lucy Adams: Summer 2016 Emerging Artist Fellow

My interest in documentary films began in high school, when my Broadcast Journalism teacher lent me Microcosmos (1996), an epic depiction of bugs in their natural habitats. I was captivated by the beauty of it all: the magnified detail of a world that the naked eye can barely | more »

Congratulations Tara Clune!

Former Valentine and Clark Emerging Artist Fellow, Tara Clune, has been selected as a Sundance Ignite Fellow. In keeping with their commitment to emerging voices in film, this new initiative from the Sundance Institute focuses on young independent filmmakers, age 18-24. As part | more »

Introducing Reweina Tessema: Fall 2015 Emerging Artist Fellow

My appreciation for film has been obvious from a young age. However, my direct involvement in filmmaking was developed much later. If you told me in 2009, when I graduated high school, that I’d be pursuing a career in filmmaking after college I’d most likely say, “Awesome! So you | more »