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Announcing the World Premiere of "Us"

Last week, Champ Ensminger, premiered his incredible and much-anticipated music video, Us. Champ was theSummer 2015 Emerging Artist Fellow here at the JBFC.The video is currently enjoying an international release online through well-known music-magazine, The FADER.Us was created | more »

Introducing Reweina Tessema: Fall 2015 Emerging Artist Fellow

My appreciation for film has been obvious from a young age. However, my direct involvement in filmmaking was developed much later. If you told me in 2009, when I graduated high school, that I’d be pursuing a career in filmmaking after college I’d most likely say, “Awesome! So you | more »

Introducing Champ Ensminger: Summer 2015 Emerging Artist Fellow

When I left New York last year for my birthplace of Chiang Mai, Thailand, I thought I had stepped away from my career and artistic practice in film for a while to enjoy some time traveling the other side of the world. Through a few happy coincidences, I found that all roads | more »

Introducing Tara Clune: Spring 2015 Emerging Artist Fellow

While studying abroad in New Zealand, I simultaneously had the complete misfortune and good luck of registering for a Computer Graphics class. I was interested in writing animation software and was studying Computer Science at Columbia University with the dream of one day making | more »