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Summer Professional Development Registration is NOW OPEN!

Image, Sound, and StorySummer 2016 Professional Development

Image, Sound, and Story is a professional development program preparing teachers in grades 5-10 to integrate viewing and creating media into their classroom culture and literacy instruction. The curriculum will eventually | more »

Fun and Rigorous

What a week! Today marks the final day of our Summer Teachers Institute, and it's been a fantastic time from start-to-finish. To tell the whole story of our professional development experience, it's worth beginning at the end. This afternoon we wrapped the Summer Teachers | more »

"What's It Like on Your Path?"

Day three of the Summer Teachers Institutewas a whirlwind of innovative approaches to storytelling. The morning began with Keynote Speaker, Lance Weiler who is the Director of Experiential Learning and Applied Creativity at Columbia University and also the founder and current | more »

Lost in Conversation and Creation

Day two of our Summer Teachers Institutewas busy, busy, busy!The day was spent in deep conversation as well as engaged in hands-on-activities. Each strand presenter spent the morning giving educators the opportunity to talk with one another about the big ideas that would go on to | more »

Little Pieces. Big Pictures.

As our annual Summer Teachers Institute turns 10 this year, we welcomed over 50 pre-K- 12 educators to spend a week with us having experiences as learners themselves, and providing pathways for them to reflect on their role as teachers. This year’s themes will include | more »

That's a Wrap, Everybody!

Today marks the close of the 2014 Summer Teachers Institute. It’s been a full and busy week of thoughtful discussion, creation, and participation.

For K-5 grade educators in Thomas Frankie’s Focus on Nature session, the latter half of the week began with an engrossing | more »

Learn. Unlearn. Relearn.

As part of Summer Teachers Institute we invited a select group of teachers to test-drive the new JBFC curriculum: Image, Sound, and Story. The curriculum is available through the new education website and emphasizes process, project-based learning, collaboration, and reflection. | more »

Thoughtful Moments

Day three of Summer Teachers Institute was a day for discussion, analysis, and reflection. We dedicated the day to a screening of Richard Linklater’s latest film, Boyhood. The movie, shot over a period of twelve consecutive years, trails the life of a young boy, Mason and his | more »

Show Don't Tell

Day 2 of the Summer Teachers Institute looked much like a movie set, with teachers making media all over the JBFC campus. Master storyteller Bill Gordh began his Seeing Stories Everywhere session for grade Pre- K- 2 educators this morning with a quick screening of the group’s “ | more »

“Have the Greatest Ambition Possible!”

Eighty-five Pre-K – 12 educators gathered today for the start of 2014 Summer Teachers Institute, a week-long experience across the JBFC campus. Daniel Liss, designer and creative director of S+7, opened the Institute with a poignant multi-media presentation that drew a | more »