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Image, Sound, and Story: 2017 Professional Development & Open House

The JBFC's Education Department is pleased to announce that registration is now open for Summer 2017 Image, Sound, and Story professional development!

Image, Sound, and Story is a professional development program that inspires and prepares teachers to integrate media viewing and | more »

Image, Sound, and Story in the Classroom

“Watch your framing,” I said as I looked over the student’s shoulder at the viewfinder of her camera. “Oh, right; rule of thirds,” she said as she adjusted her shot.

It was a tough shot to get right--a reflection in a car’s side mirror--but it was the last image they needed to | more »

We're Teaching Teachers: Professional Development at the JBFC

It’s hard to believe but spring truly is here, and we’re gearing up for all the events and goings-on that take place during the warmer months. In addition to our summer camp and continuing school and community organization programs, summer 2014 will also usher in our ninth annual | more »