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Have You Explored Our Visual Glossary?

The JBFC is committed to promoting literacy for the 21st century. One way we advance these goals is by increasing exposure to our ten media literacy concepts, explored in-depth in our Image, Sound, and Storycurriculum. Although we encourage educators to participate in our Image, | more »

Live from SXSWedu in Austin, TX

Here I am in Austin, Texas at the SXSWedu Conference! First of all, I have to admit that it is great to be away from the snow. It’s been chilly and raining here but there are palm trees outside. What a welcome sight!

This year the JBFC is hosting a booth at the Edu Playground, an | more »

Visual Glossary: Fly Away Home

Take a look at the latest additionto our Visual Glossary. This clipfrom the 1996 filmFly Away Home, starring Anna Paquin and Jeff Daniels, explores how film-making techniques such as an eye-line match, an aeriel shot, and a soaring score help tell the story of a young girl, a | more »

Redefining Defining: The Visual Glossary

When I first began teaching at the newly opened Media Arts Lab in 2009, my colleagues and I were in a uniquely exciting moment. As faculty, we were positioned to teach film technique and language in a new way The landscape of media-making (filmmaking in particular) shifted | more »