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Teacher Reflections on Image, Sound, and Story

By Patrick Taylor, Peekskill High School ELA Teacher 11.02.18

High school ELA teacher Patrick Taylor attended the JBFC Image, Sound, and Story Teacher Professional Development last month. Here is his reflection on the professional development experience and the impact the curriculum is already having in his classroom.

It is difficult to know where to begin and how to be concise while still covering all the benefits and strengths of my introductory experience at Jacob Burns Film Center. I attended the Image, Sound, and Story training for grade level 11 along with two other English teachers from my school district. All of us were thrilled with the training overall and the ease with which we have already been able to incorporate the ideas, materials, and curriculum into our current teaching, even into units that were in the middle of progressing through in our classrooms. The design of the curriculum was organized and available to be transferred directly, or, as I have made use of, modified to fit the needs of particular students and schedules. The overall view and approach on media literacy is a sound and extremely powerful, thought-out framework through which the JBFC sessions work to support students.

Over the two-day session, three different presenters covered a great deal of material spanning from using the curriculum, training teachers in the hardware and software, and most importantly to me, constantly came back to language of practical use within the classroom with our living, breathing, fallible students. They were experienced to answer questions and give direction on how to make use of trainings, and also allowed for time on the second day for district colleagues to confer and have those exact, practical-application discussions. In short, I found this professional development to be most useful and applicable for the teaching and learning I do currently, and I plan on continuing on a long term commitment and membership in future trainings and opportunities.

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