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View It & Do It!

By Aaron Mace, Full-Time JBFC Faculty 10.16.14

A View Now Do Now (VNDN) is a fun, short, and engaging activity – a chance for anyone and everyone to join the JBFC’s community of makers. We’ve designed them to inspire and challenge you to engage your senses and the world around you by responding to an image, video, or sound, with your own picture, media, or words. This exciting feature of our new website is also used in our classes at the Media Arts Lab (Lab) and in schools all around Westchester county and beyond. They are a wonderful prompt for creativity and critical thinking, opening up thought into Image, Sound, and Story.

So where do they come from you ask? We design them in the same way that we are asking our students to create work- by taking inspiration from inside and all around you. VNDNs come from warm up activities that we do in our classes, special film series at the JBFC Theater, silly ideas, great classic films, and a love of hands-on activities for curious learners.

Every week we will feature a different VNDN on the main page of the new website. We started off with one of my favorites. In a very simple way it asks you to pay closer attention to things that slip into the periphery of everyday life. Something that you hear a lot around the Lab is that paying attention to details in the world around you is one of the most important skills you can learn as a media maker.

We are constantly adding more VNDNs to the site so keep checking them out! You might even spot one up on the big screen next time you go to our theater to watch a great film. Or, go ahead and try one for yourself right now. (You can even share your favorites on social media!)