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Viewing: Girl Boxer

By Sarah O'Hare, Interim Director of Education 08.31.20

Girl Boxer

6 min. 2017. USA. Short.

Recommended Age: 8+

Streaming:  Youtube (Free)


In this short documentary, we meet Jesselyn Silva, known as “JessZilla,” a 10-year-old girl who loves to box and lives in New Rochelle, NY. She dreams of someday winning an Olympic gold medal.

Why the JBFC recommends it: We love sharing stories from our community! This short documentary tells a beautiful story about a young girl's dream, her relationship with her father, and what she is doing to accomplish her dreams.

Fun Fact:

Emily Sheskin, the filmmaker, is following Jesselyn over the next few years to make a feature length documentary on Jesselyn's dream of boxing in the Olympics. 

Take it Further:

Want to learn more about Jesselyn's journey and the filmmaker? Click HERE to read The New York Times article about their journey together. 

What is something you love to do?  What goals are you setting to achieve your dream? Consider starting a Dream Calendar like Jesselyn to keep yourself on track!