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Viewing: Taking Flight

By Emily Ohara, Education Program Manager & JBFC Kids Curator 06.17.20

Taking Flight 

6 min. 2017. USA. English. NR.

Recommended Age: All

Streaming: YouTube (Free), Kanopy (Free) 


What begins as a small boy’s over-scheduled, over supervised, boring day with Grandpa, turns into a larger-than-life journey, narrowly escaping wild monkeys and battling aliens to save the universe.

Why JBFC Kids Curator, Emily Ohara (@TeachEmFilm) recommends it: 

In just over five minutes, this little story has a big impact. A little boy is not looking forward to spending time with his grandpa, who appears to be unimaginative and putters around doing chores. How wrong he is! Defying age and appearance, Taking Flight is about adults tapping into an awaiting imagination to embark on an adventure right in their front yard. In a time of social distancing, this film will help encourage every member of the family, young and old, to tap into that powerful and playful inner child.

Fun Fact: 

The film is inspired by the life and heritage of Antonio Pasin, the inventor of the red Radio Flyer wagon in 1917.

Take it Further:

  • Tell us what games you play where imagination is key, just like the grandpa and boy in the short film.
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