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Viewing: The Deep End

By Sarah O'Hare, Interim Director of Education 09.15.20

The Deep End

3 min. USA. Short. 

Recommended Age: All

Watch The Deep End HERE!


In the film The Deep End, the main character Kylie is afraid there are sharks in the deep end of the pool. 

Why the JBFC recommends it: Many stories are designed to lead up to a climactic moment when the audience is riveted and the tension in the story is at its highest point—the dinosaur is attacking the city, the climber is hanging off a cliff with three fingers, or the basketball is headed towards the hoop in the final seconds of a tie game. The climax of a story is the most interesting and exciting part for an audience. This film is a great tool for teaching kids about the concept of a climax in a visual story.  

Fun Fact:

The Deep End was made by Aphton Corbin while she was in her third year of college at CalArts. She is now a storyboard artist at Pixar who also creates her own comics.

Take it Further:

Want to practice writing your own climax for a story?  Take a look at the incomplete storyboard below. What do you think will happen next? Finish the storyboard by completing the final two frames.