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Viewing: The Fits

By Christine Coleman, Education Associate 08.17.20

The Fits

72 min. 2015. USA. English. NR.

Recommended Age: 13+

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For eleven-year-old Toni, being a member of an elite dance team is everything. But as her training intensifies, so do mysterious fainting spells.

Why Education Associate Christine Coleman recommends it:

Beneath dreamy cinematography and a haunting soundtrack, Director Anna Rose Holmer's take on the journey of adolescence is intricate and spot on, though not told in a way one might expect. Through one memorable frame after another (too many to count), one easily falls into Toni's (Royalty Hightower) divided world, captivated by elegant camera movement and delicate pacing. Suited for an older set, the film's build up of the unknown not only has an effect on young Toni, but also leaves the viewer with a lasting impression.

Take it Further:

The Rule of Thirds is an idea that artists like filmmakers, photographers, painters, and architects use to help figure out what goes in a frame. It divides the frame into three sections, both horizontally and vertically. The director, Anna Rose Holmer, uses the Rule of Thirds throughout the film. 

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