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Week Six: Summer @ the Lab

By Aaron Mace, Full Time JBFC Faculty Member & Camp Director 08.15.14

That’s all folk’s! This was the last week of Summer @ the Lab 2014! This last week was a full experience for all the campers. We started off with a film challenge, everyone also got to watch a feature film and have a discussion afterwards, projects had the finishing touches put on them, and we spent the very last day reflecting on the past three weeks and preparing to share the work with the campers’ families for Family Friday.

The Film Challenge is now a staple of Summer @ the Lab. Campers are given a list of rules first thing in the morning and then have to write, produce and edit a short film all by 2:30pm. We finish off the day with a group screening where we can celebrate all that hard work. The winners get to screen their films at Family Friday. The rules for this film challenge were:

1. You must include a flashback
2. You must include a Worms-Eye-View shot
3. You must tell a knock-knock joke
4. 3 minutes maximum duration

Groups also spent a morning watching a feature film and having a film analysis discussion afterwards. The younger camp groups watched the classic film The Secret of Nimh and explored the wonderful art direction and character archetypes in their discussion. The older campers watched the Hayao Miyazaki classic, Howl’s Moving Castle.

A lot of the last day of camp is spent looking back at the work that was created. Campers will create directors’ commentary for their work, fill the roles of interviewer and interviewee concerning the different media making processes they went through, have some hang out and goodbye time, and prepare to present their work for the Family Friday presentation. It is so amazing that so much work is made! Campers will select some of the incredible work they’ve created this summer to highlight at the screening. Shortly after the end of camp, everyone will receive a digital link to download all of their work that they can share with their family and friends.

It is has been a great summer! See you next year and thanks for reading!