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Week Two: Summer @ the Lab

By Brandon Shenkman, Full-Time JBFC Faculty Member & Assistant Camp Director 07.14.14

Grades 3-4
Instructor: Emily Ohara

The third and fourth grade Lab Camp group spent part of the week learning to create interactive stories. They collaborated to create their very own “Choose Your Own Adventure” style story using the web based software Twine. During the latter half of the week, they explored stop-motion animation. The campers brainstormed and storyboarded short narrative films, which were realized using professional animation software Dragonframe.

Grades 5-6
Instructor: Darrel Swann

The fifth and sixth grade group began their week with acting coach Mike Williams, creating scenes through improvisation. The group focused on fully believing in the circumstance of the scene, while connecting with the other actors. Next, the campers created short “mockumentaries” centering on a search for ghosts and other mythological creatures. They concluded their week editing in the studio using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Grades 7-8
Instructor: David Miller

The seventh and eighth grade group picked up where they’d left off last week, animating in our stop-motion studio. Using clay as a medium and focusing on camera movement and building three dimensional sets, the campers were able to bring their stories to life. During the middle of the week they had a morning of acting, in which they practiced inhabiting their characters and behaving believably during scenes. On Thursday the group split into pairs, brainstorming ideas which were then pitched to their peers for critiquing before being green lit. They finished the week in pre-production for these short films.

Grades 9-10
Instructor: Adam Lamas

The ninth and tenth grade group also continued animating this week, bringing the virtual characters they’d modeled in Sculptris into a different program, Blender. After learning the basics of keyframing and rigging, the campers created bone structures for their creations and animated simple movements. These characters will eventually be printed using our 3D printer. After finishing animation, the group spent a morning with production designer Andrea Purcigliotti, of Saturday Night Live. She spoke to the group about her own experiences in the industry, before conducting a live painting demonstration on a set she designed especially for the Burns. The group finished the week by creating and scripting two narrative shorts which are currently in the middle of production.