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Weekend Film Challenge: Fun with Filmmaking Fundamentals

By Darrel Swann, Education Program Manager 03.26.20

These rules are for every film challenge:

1. Film Challenges come out on a Friday. To enter the prize pool you MUST send Darrel a working link to your film to by the following Monday at 5 pm.

2. Films must be under 2 minutes.

3. Films must be “family friendly” to win the challenge. Nothing R-rated!

4. You must use the story prompt found in the STORY section of each challenge.

5. Winners will have their film featured on the JBFC Education YouTube Channel.

FC No.1 - Fun with Filmmaking Fundamentals

  1. IMAGE: The close-up is one of the most important types of shots in the filmmakers toolkit. Directors use close-up shots to show a character’s emotions or highlight an important piece of information like the time on a clock or footprints that lead into the woods. Use at least 3 close-ups in your film.
  2. SOUND: Music can really help enhance the emotion of a scene. Add music that you’ve created into your film to make big moments stand out.
  3. STORY: You find out that something in your house, something that’s been collecting dust for years, is actually a priceless artifact.

A few tips:

All great stories have a beginning, middle, and end. Think about answering these questions when you plan out your story.

How does your character find out about the artifact?

What’s your character’s problem now that they have the artifact?

How do they overcome this problem?