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Onward: A Critique

In 2016 Pixar President, Jim Morris, excited millions when he informally announced, in an Entertainment Weekly article, that the studio would return to its roots soon with more original stories. “Everything after Toy Story [4] and The Incredibles [2] is an original right now,” | more »

Suggested Viewing: Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants

Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants

2013. 89 m. France. No Dialogue. Rated NR.

Recommended for all ages.

Streaming on Kanopy (Free) & Amazon Prime [Free]

A lost ladybug finds themselves in the middle of two opposing ant colonies trying to capture sugar scavenged from leftover | more »

Suggested Viewing: Stories We Tell

Stories We Tell


Available on Kanopy, Tubi, Amazon Prime, Youtube

Adults get bored too, but enforced down-time is the perfect opportunity to watch a great documentary. Theresa Dawson, JBFC Education Program Manager reflected on a recent 3-week Documentary class she taught at | more »

Gaming Livestream Recommendations

Join us for our first ever education gaming livestream! On Tuesday, March 31, at 4:00 pm, Education Program Manager, Brandon Shenkman, will broadcast gameplay and level design in the Steam Early Access title Levelhead. Come watch and chat live on our channel as he | more »

Time Twister Experiment: Viewing & Doing

Experiments are short activities designed with room for… well… experimentation! Get introduced to a new concept through a compelling short, then bend it to your will as you create a vision uniquely your own.

Experiment: Time Twister

In this experiment we’ll watch an astounding | more »

Hand-Drawn Animation Activity

Hand-drawn animation was used to create many of the greatest animated films ever starting with the first animated film of all time, Snow White, released in 1937. FlipaClip is an app that allows us to experiment with hand-drawn animation techniques. Click this link to create your | more »

The Red Balloon: Viewing & Doing

Now is your chance to watch those classic gems that every kid and grown-up should see. JBFC Kids Curator, Emily Ohara [@teachEmFilm] chose the heartfelt and beloved short film The Red Balloon (1957) accompanied with a fun hands-on activity where you get to draw and color your own | more »

School Break Camps for Grades 5-8

Registration is open for School Break Camps for Grades 5-8!

Viewing and Doing: February 17 – 21

Play, make, and explore new types of media each day in a small group and come together with fellow campers to watch and review films. Campers dig into film-related games and activities | more »

Burns Film Challenge 2019

A character must discover a fact about themselves that they never knew about.There must be a shot with a mirror, where a character sees their reflection.One of these two quotes must be included: “Be careful what you wish for…it just might come true” or “I wish I could do it all | more »

A Busy Month for Education at the JBFC!

May was a busy month for education programs at the JBFC! From off-site events to film premieres to educator engagement, this month was the perfect window into the varied work our education programs do all year long.

May 11: White Plains Youth Bureau STEAM Fair

The JBFC hosted a | more »