Classroom to Screening Room Special Events give students the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience and thoughtfully engage with new releases and curated titles. Students encounter film as an art form while exploring its connection to social, economic, and cultural forces. Each screening includes a Q&A with a filmmaker or other special guest.

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Directed by Nick Budabin, 2018, US Documentary, NR.

Wednesday, January 30 at 10:00am

Special Guests: 

Michael Orth, Westchester County Commissioner of Mental Health

Nick Budabin, Director

Terry Minogue, Executive Producer

Antony Gaines, My Brother's Keeper Director of Westchester

Chi-Town follows Keifer Sykes on his meteoric rise from Marshall High School on Chicago’s West Side to his improbable shot at the NBA. This exhilarating multi-year journey of the explosive point guard’s ascent is punctuated by personal loss, debilitating injury, and tragic violence. Set against the backdrop of the South and West side neighborhoods where gun violence claims more American lives than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined, Chi-Town paints a portrait of a community finding alternatives to violence and coming together over the game that makes them strong.

9th Grade +


Directed by Aaron Kopp and Amanda Kopp, 2017, Swaziland/Qatar/US, NR.

Thursday, February 7 at 10:00am

Special Guests:

Emily Ohara, JBFC Kids Curator and Creative Producer

This spectacularly beautiful and touching film introduces us to five orphaned African children collaborating on a fairy tale drawn from their darkest memories and brightest dreams. Then, the children’s fictional character, Liyana, comes to life in innovative artwork that tracks her exciting quest to rescue her young twin brothers. Connecting the children’s imagined world with the one they live in, Liyana weaves poetic documentary scenes together with an animated story to create an inspiring tale of perseverance. The film—which dazzles audiences everywhere it’s shown—is a tribute to creativity, the strength of the human spirit, and the healing power of storytelling.

Content Advisory: while sensitively handled, this film deals with challenging family histories and the lingering impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa.

6th Grade +


Directed by Yvan Attal, 2017, France, NR.

Tuesday, March 5 at 10:00am

Neïla Salah grew up in the Paris banlieue of Créteil, dreaming of becoming a lawyer. On her first day at the prestigious Université D’Assas in Paris, she faces off with Pierre Mazard, a teacher known for his outrageous and provocative behavior. To redeem himself, the professor agrees to prepare Neïla for the prestigious contest of eloquence. Pierre could become the mentor she needs… But they must both overcome their prejudices. The script was inspired by the annual rhetoric competitions held in France’s most prestigious law schools, where students are invited to plead on a wide range of subjects in the most eloquent and imaginative way possible.

This event is held in partnership with Alliance Francaise de Westchester's Festinema Junior Program.

Recommended for French language students. Discussion will be facilitated in French.

9th Grade+


Directed by Susan Todd and Andrew Young, 2018, US, NR.

April 23, 24, and 25, and May 14, 15, and 16

Spanning a seasonal year around a suburban home, this film displays a stunning array of unique wildlife images and behavior - all captured by cameras mounted inside dens and nests, and moving along the forest floor and pond bottom, to reveal its inhabitants in rare and breathtaking intimacy. We follow Katie, a young girl, and her modern family living next to the woods who are blind to the real-life spectacle around them, absorbed by an array of electronic devices in their busy lives. Katie gradually discovers the intricate secrets that nature has hidden so close to her front door and we experience the joy she finds in her interactions with this new world.

3rd Grade+