Classroom to Screening Room presents film screenings and discussions that enrich students’ study of literature, social studies, science, world languages, and the visual and performing arts. Teachers are welcome to choose between a workshop, special screening, or a title from our education film library for their visit; please note that workshops are limited to 60 students.

Still from "Moments"

This introductory workshop sets out to transform students into critical viewers of what they see on screens every day. Students will be familiarized with the key elements and core techniques of film language and criticism, and will explore how filmmakers employ these elements to reveal character, convey plot and theme, and create meaning. Participants play an active role in this discussion-based experience. Clips and short films screened as part of this workshop include Slowmo (Josh Izenberg, 2014), and NPR Radio Lab's Moments (Will Hoffman, 2009).

Still from "The Thin Blue Line"

In recent years, documentary filmmakers have departed from traditional styles of storytelling and begun to experiment with innovative ways to captivate audiences. This workshop tracks the evolution of the form from simple documentation to immersive multimedia experiences. Students will actively view clips spanning classic documentaries (The Thin Blue Line, 1988) to independently produced and distributed web videos (The Longest Way, 2009), then participate in a guided discussion about the various methods of production and representation used in the films.

Still from Nike Ad "Tag"

This presentation explores the visual techniques and strategies of advertising. Through a series of clips spanning from early commercials and to present day ad campaigns, students investigate how these mainstream media forms effectively sell, advocate, and persuade viewers. This program offers students the opportunity to think critically about, and engage with, material they interact with on a daily basis.