Professional Development

Image, Sound, and Story - Summer 2017

Kervin Marseille


Image, Sound, and Story is a professional development program that prepares teachers in Grades 3—10 to integrate viewing and creating media into their classroom culture and literacy instruction. The curriculum will eventually expand to reach Grades Pre-K—12.

Students learn to:

  • Communicate with the language of visual storytelling and VIEW and CREATE media projects
  • Apply creative, critical, and analytical thinking as they READ, WRITE, SPEAK, LISTEN, and PRESENT
  • Contribute to a classroom culture that is connected by EMPATHY, COLLABORATION, and REFLECTION

Image, Sound, and Story has been implemented in 20 schools with 70 educators and 2,500 students in Grades 5—10 in Westchester and the larger NY Metro area. It is grounded in 15 years of working with students and teachers at the JBFC’s Media Arts Lab and area schools.

Implementation has been successful in a range of subjects:

  • English Language Arts
  • Creative Writing
  • Media Literacy
  • Art
  • General Education
  • Technology and Video Production
  • ENL/ESL students

"I think we often struggle to find new ways to teach our standards, and Image, Sound, and Story provides not only new ways, but ways that differentiate the process by which we are teaching content by giving multiple access points. I also love that the videos/images/sounds are already curated for teachers. So often great strategies aren't used because of the prep time it takes to put them into action.” – Kelly Trevino, Director of English Curriculum & Instruction, New Orleans ReNEW Charter Schools


Image, Sound, and Story is delivered via classroom teachers that participate in professional development. Summer 2017 PD sessions are available for Grades 3—10, with the content to be implemented during the 2017-2018 school year. Each grade level curriculum contains distinct and unique content. The two-day/15-hour workshop prepares teachers to lead instruction for the first three projects of the curriculum: “Image,” “Sound,” and “Story.”

Following the initial projects, “Character,” “Setting,” and “Structure” are the subsequent units in the Image, Sound, and Story program. "Character," "Setting," and "Structure" will be available in the 2017-2018 school year. These sessions are available only for teachers who have completed the "Image," "Sound," and "Story" professional development workshop.

To see what every Image, Sound, and Story project features, click HERE.

The hands-on, interactive Professional Development experience provides:

  • Modeling instruction for facilitating discussion in viewing media
  • Best practices for managing small group production activities
  • Resources, tutorials, and structured support for planning and integrating Image, Sound, and Story into existing units of study as well as texts
  • Project rubrics paired with pre- and post-writing prompts to assess student learning
  • Technical support for capturing and editing audio and video as part of the curriculum

Concurrent with implementation during the 2017-2018 school year, teachers also receive:

  • Individual membership to the Jacob Burns Film Center
  • Three in-person or virtual cohort meetings
  • Ongoing support and mentorship from JBFC faculty for technical and curricular implementation
  • Access to our Online Teachers Forum
  • Eligibility to participate in professional development workshops for supplemental Image, Sound, and Story projects, such as "Character," "Setting," and "Structure"


Collaboration as an Image, Sound, and Story educator requires the following:

  • Participation in JBFC’s summer professional development program.
  • Attendance at three cohort meetings during the school year.
  • Implementation of the three projects over the course of the school year.
  • Approval from your school administration to participate.
  • Maintain consistent communication with the JBFC staff.

We highly encourage teachers to consider a multi-year commitment to this curriculum.

Fees and Financial Support

$375/teacher, $325 per teacher for teams of 4 or more

We are eager to provide financial assistance to enable your participation and raise funds from individuals, foundations, and corporations to offset participation fees. We encourage you to seek support through your school, school district, district foundation, or other special arrangement as well. If those options are not viable, please complete an application for financial support.

Documentation of participation will be provided for teachers seeking in-service or salary credit. 

For schools with a minimum of four teachers who would like to participate in professional development, we can schedule the workshop on two consecutive, mutually-available dates in July, August, September, or October. For more information, please contact

2017 Schedule

(all days are 9 am- 4 pm)
All PD sessions will take place on the JBFC Campus:
JBFC Media Arts Lab, 405 Manville Road, Pleasantville, NY 10570
JBFC Theater, 364 Manville Road, Pleasantville, NY 10570

Image, Sound, and Story

  • Grade 3: August 1—2
  • Grade 6: July 24—25
  • Grade 7: July 18—19
  • Grade 9: August 1—2
  • Grade 10: August 15—16 


Character, Setting, and Structure *

*For returning Image, Sound, and Story teachers only

  • Grade 5: August 28—29
  • Grades 9 & 10: July 26—27