Professional Development

Image, Sound, and Story - Summer 2016

Paige Grand Pré


Image, Sound, and Story is a professional development program preparing teachers in grades 5-10 to integrate viewing and creating media into their classroom culture and literacy instruction. The curriculum will eventually expand to reach Pre-K - 12.

Students will:

• Communicate with the language of visual storytelling and VIEW and CREATE media projects
• Apply creative, critical, and analytical thinking as they READ, WRITE, SPEAK, LISTEN, and PRESENT
• Contribute to a classroom culture that is connected by 

Image, Sound, and Story has been implemented in 12 schools, with 25 educators and 800 students in grades 5-10. It is grounded in 15 years of working with students and teachers at the JBFC’s Media Arts Lab and schools around the metropolitan area.

Implementation has been successful in a range of courses:

• English Language Arts
• Creative Writing
• Media Literacy
• Art
• General Education
• Technology and Video Production
• ENL/ESL students

"The Image, Sound, and Story curriculum has brought depth and texture to my classes, giving students a more refined lens through which to experience all types of visual media, and giving them more techniques for their own storytelling." – Johanna Mustacchi, Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School, Croton-Harmon School District


Every Project Features:

Vocabulary and the Visual Glossary:
Equipping students with the language to read and analyze visual texts is essential to their literacy. New terms are introduced throughout the projects, with links to our interactive Visual Glossary.

View Now Do Nows:
These quick activities are dynamic warm-ups and transitions that support the learning concepts of the projects. Students jump right into active viewing and creative expression.

Shorts films, clips, and production stills give your students practice actively reading visual texts and applying their new vocabulary while providing inspiration and models. Sample questions for each viewing experience foster analysis and discussion.

A step by step guide will help you transform your classroom into a creative media-making studio. Hand-outs, worksheets, and media resources are all provided. Projects are designed to authentically integrate technology, generate a collaborative, process-based learning environment and reinforce vocabulary and skills.

Review, Revise, and Reflect:
The closing section of each project is an essential part of students’ creative process as they share work with others, learn to give and receive feedback, revise their work, and reflect on their own experience of collaborating and risk-taking. This self and group assessment technique can be used at any time throughout the curriculum.


Image, Sound, and Story is delivered through classroom teachers that have participated in professional development, available for grades 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 for summer 2016 and school year 2016-2017. Each grade level has distinct and unique content. The two-day/15 hour workshop prepares teachers to lead instruction for the first three projects of the curriculum: “Image,” “Sound,” and “Story.” 

The hands-on, interactive experience provides:

• Modeling instruction for facilitating discussion in viewing media
• Best practices for managing small group production activities
• Resources and tutorials
• Structured support for planning and integrating Image, Sound, and Story into existing units of study and texts
• Project rubrics and pre and post writing prompts to assess student learning
• Support with technical tools for capturing and editing audio and video

Throughout implementation during the 2016-2017 school year, teachers will also receive:

• Individual membership to the Jacob Burns Film Center
• Two in-person or virtual cohort meetings
• Ongoing support and mentorship from JBFC faculty with technical and curricular implementation
• Access to Online Teachers Forum
• Eligibility to participate in professional development workshops for additional Image, Sound, and Story projects

In January-March 2017, and summer 2017, two-day professional development workshops will be offered for "Character"/"Setting"/"Structure."  In summer 2017, professional development workshops will be offered for “Character"/"Setting"/"Structure” and “Point of View"/"Mood"/"Style"/"Theme.” We highly encourage teachers to consider a multi-year commitment.

Fees and Financial Support

$350/teacher, $300 per teacher for teams of 4 or more

We are eager to provide the financial assistance that will ensure your participation and raise funds from individuals, foundations, and corporations to offset participation fees. We encourage you to seek support through your school, school district, district foundation, or other special arrangement. If those options are not viable, please complete an application for financial support.

Documentation of participation will be provided for teachers seeking in-service or salary credit. 

For schools with a minimum of four teachers who would like to participate in professional development, we can schedule the workshop on two consecutive mutually available dates in July, August, September, or October. For more information, please contact to begin the scheduling process.



(all days are 9 am- 4 pm)

All sessions will take place at the Media Arts Lab:
405 Manville Road
Pleasantville, NY 10570

Grade 5
July 11 and 12

Grade 6* - Still room in this session!  
August 8 and 9
*Original dates have been changed.

Grade 7
July 11 and 12

Grade 8
July 27 and 28

Grade 9
July 25 and 26

Grade 10 - Still room in this session!
August 1 and 2