Professional Development

Winter/Spring 2019 Image, Sound, and Story Teacher Opportunities

Adrienne Frank

New opportunities for teachers trained in Image, Sound, and Story! All sessions are held at the JBFC's Media Arts Lab and run from 8:30am-3:30pm.

Writing and Film: Opening the Door to Creative Expression - February 11

Anne Marie Santoro, curriculum designer of the JBFC’s first education program, See Hear Feel Film, shares how short films are “like taking vitamins for your imagination.” JBFC’s visual literacy programs are a natural extension of literacy instruction, and this workshop will go even further into its impact on writing. Learn new tools to inspire your students’ creative expression and help them lead more examined lives. You will write and share your own stories and experience the power of storytelling yourself in this interactive workshop.

This program is only available for Image, Sound, and Story teachers in grades 3-5 and See Hear Feel Film teachers

  • $195 per teacher
  • Registration deadline: February 4


Science and Film: In Your Own Backyard - February 27

In concert with our annual series, Focus on Nature, come explore the intersection of science, media, and storytelling. You’ll learn how to apply the technology and visual literacy skills of Image, Sound, and Story to a short media project and screen the award-winning giant screen film, Backyard Wilderness. We’ll also use the film as an inspiration to design a project your students can film, edit, and submit to the JBFC for screening! This workshop is developed and presented in collaboration with Groundwork Hudson Valley and Teatown

This program is only available for Image, Sound, and Story teachers in grades 3-8

  • $195 per teacher
  • Registration deadline: February 15


Stop Motion Animation: Making STEAM - March 26

With Joe Summerhays (curriculum designer of JBFC’s Minds in Motion program) as your guide, you’ll learn how animation so authentically integrates science, technology, art, and math. This hands-on workshop will introduce you to basic animation concepts and the technical process for animating and editing. Next, you'll apply those concepts to content-based math and science principles such as cell division, evaporation, or tessellation! You’ll use the iPad app, iStopMotion, so this workshop is ideal for teachers who have access to iPads.

This program is only available for Image, Sound, and Story teachers in grades 3-12

  • $195 per teacher
  • Registration deadline: March 19